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Taizhou Eiffel Mould and Plastic Co., Ltd is a Plastic Mould supplier in China, which is located in the beautiful coastal city - Huangyan, Zhejiang, which is also the most developed regions of mould and plastic industry in China.


Founded in 1992, Eiffel has in line of plastic injection mould manufacturing for more than 20 years. After decades of operating, Eiffel has cultivated a production team of comprehensive technology and rich experience. Eiffel now is proudly to say that we are a Famous China Mould Manufacturer. Eiffel works on plastic moulds such as blow moulds, box moulds,crate moulds , household moulds, home appliance moulds, auto part moulds, pet product moulds and pipe moulds, etc. It is involved with all kinds of  plastic injection moulding, blow molding and plastic box molding.  Eiffel has developed at high speed and has gained great popularity in mould industry.